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Way of the Tabernacle
Interlinear Bible

1. Do Sinners Go to Heaven?


2. How Do You Know You Are Saved?


3. Which Sin Condemns?


4. Does Praying a Prayer Save You?


5. Is Heaven the Kingdom of Yah (God)?



6. Can Homosexuals Go to Heaven?


7. Christmas, Easter, and the Believer


8. At What Point Is a Believer Saved?


9. What Is Next on the Prophetic Calendar?


10. Who Is the Bride of Christ?



11. Did Christ Speak in Tongues?


12. When Will the Bride Be Raptured?


13. What Repentance Is Necessary for Salvation?


14. He Knows My Heart


15. Is the Bible the Living Word?


16. Did Matthew Call Him "Jesus"?